image of a student of Guri Reference Group - Choir and Percussion of Sorocaba holding a violin, with the slogan of the program Guri Program: A Reference in Music and Life.


What is the Guri´s Friends Association?

It is an educational, cultural, humanitarian or philanthropic non-profit legal entity, with private rights, that is responsible for the technical and financial development of the Guri Program.

What is the mission of the Guri Program?

The mission of the Guri Program is: “To offer excellence in music education and the practice of music in groups to promote the development of the human dimension of generations in the making.”

Who can participate in the Program?

Any child or teenager aged between 6 and 18 can participate of the Guri Program, independent of their social condition. To enroll, the young person or child does not need to have any previous knowledge of music or musical instruments. The only requirement is that he or she is going to school regularly. There is no special sort of selection done; there is simply the fitting in of those interested depending on the number of vacancies available.

How is the Guri Program Maintained? Does it have any Sponsors?

The Guri´s Friends Association has many partners, sponsors and collaborators, its main one being the Government of the State of São Paulo.

How can I contribute to the Guri Program?

If you wish to collaborate to the Guri`s Friends Association and contribute to the integral development of children, please contact us.

Mobilization of Resources:
Phone: +55 (11) 3874 3357

Does the Guri Porgram work in partnerships with other entities?

The Guri Program believes in the union of the three sectors of society (government, private sector and social organizations) as an ideal tool for the development of its proposal. This is how partnerships are developed, mostly with the City Halls and the social entities involved with the participation of these young people.

How can I find out if there is a branch of the Guri Program in my city?

To find out where the Guri Program education centers are located, all you need to do is click on the Where We Are and look for the name of the desired city or town.

Are the centers of the Fundação CASA (previously called FEBEM Juvenile Detention Center) open to the community?

No. These centers work within the Fundação CASA units and are destined to the young people who are fulfilling social-educational measures inside of the institution. In the activities done with these young people, the objective is the social inclusion through the teaching of music.

What must I do to enroll my child in a center that is open to the community?

To enroll, all you need to do is go to the center that is nearest to your residency in the enrollment period and fill out the form. The approval is dependent on the amount of vacancies available.

What activities are offered by the Guri Program? Are they available in all of the Education Centers?

The Guri Program offers activities with the following instruments: bombardon/base tuba, ukulele, clarinet, acoustic double bass, flute, percussion, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, viola caipira (Brazilian country guitar), guitar, violin and cello, besides choir singing. However, the formations are specifically done in each center, varying according to the conditions of the area and the demand of the region.