photo of GURIS being conducted in a parade of Street Carnival

Bloco do Guri

photo of GURIS being conducted in a parade of Street CarnivalThe project for Bloco do Guri, a percussion street band, emerged in 2011, fueled by the need to focus more actively on the theme of Brazil’s Carnival festivities and its popular and cultural influences within the Guri Program. The city of Jundiaí was the first to welcome the group during last year’s Carnival festivities. In 2012, the students took to the streets of Jundiaí and Sorocaba after three months of rehearsing a special repertoire for Carnival, with the percussion section formed by students from the Cerquilho education center. In 2013, the street band participated in the city of Cerquilho’s anniversary celebration.

Bloco do Guri is a different and fun way to promote the Guri Program in the cities it visits.

In addition to the young performers, the group also featured two samba singers, a drum master, a standard bearer and a duly identified sound truck, which accompanied the youth on the parade route.

Listen to the lyrics of the song “Guri’s Samba,” which is composed by Zé Virgínio, Chico Santana and Eduardo Andreatta and performed by Mariana Furquim!