children sitting in orchestra format being governed by a conductor


Who we are

With around 50 thousand students distributed through the state of São Paulo, the Projeto Guri is considered to be the largest social and cultural program of Brazil. Ever since 1995 it has continually been offering courses of musical theory and initiation, choir singing and string, percussion and woodwind instruments during the non-school hours. That has been the main action the Social Organization Sustenidos has been coordinating, whose mission is to promote, with excellence, musical education and the collective practice of music, taking into account the human development of generations in upbringing.

An incentive of the government of the State of São Paulo, the Projeto Guri is currently administrated by two social organizations linked to the State Secretariat of Culture. There are 366 Guri Centers distributed in 280 municipalities in the interior and along the coast of the state, with more than 40 thousand guris, which are directed by the Sustenidos while the management of the units from the capital, with more than 11 thousand guris, is done by the Santa Marcelina Social Organization of Culture. The shared management structure of the Projeto Guri answers to a resolution of the Secretariat that regulates partnerships between the government and legal entities of private right for actions in the cultural area.

Sustenidos is a social organization of culture, shares the management of the Projeto Guri with the State Secretariat of Culture since 2004. Besides the State government, the project counts on the support of the City Halls, social organizations, companies and individuals.

Companies that wish to collaborate to Sustenidos contribute to the integral development of the children, teenagers may take advantage of the laws of fiscal incentives such as the Lei Rouanet and Fundo Municipal da Criança e do Adolescente  (FUMCAD). Individuals may also contribute. For more information, click here or get into contact with Resources Mobilization through the phone number (11) 3874-3355, branch 493.

About Sustenidos

The Social Organization Sustenidos is the new name of the Amigos do Projeto Guri. It’s specialist in public policy management of culture, was credited as the best social organization of culture in 2018 –  the award is the biggest recognition of the third sector in Brazil and was created to value organizations philanthropic practices that deserve special mention for the excellent management practices and transparency.