some children singing in a wheel

Projeto Guri

How it works

To be able to participate of the Projeto Guri, you don’t have to have any previous knowledge of music. All you need to be is between 6 to 18 years, and you must look for a Center with vacancies available and prove your frequency in school.
When joining the Project, the student will choose to learn a musical instrument, choir singing or both of the courses. In the classes various musical genres are covered, from popular songs to classical compositions. Besides the study of music being a challenge, it is also constructive and pleasant, and the variety of songs keeps the cultural roots of the community alive.
In the Guri centers, the activities are always done in a group, which stimulates the participation of the students. They are all part of a team that goes through the same challenges. In the musical presentations done in public, for small, medium or large events, the result is the product of each one’s dedication. For the young people, to participate of the Projeto Guri means to unite learning with satisfaction.
The teaching of music is, at last, the tool chosen by the Projeto Guri to fulfill its mission of social and cultural inclusion.