eight students from Guri Reference Groups holding their instruments: guitar, trombone, guitar, clarinet, tambourine, flute and viola.



Promote musical education and collective practice of music, with excellence, in view of the human development of generations.


To be a reference in the conception, implementation and management of education and culture public policies within the area of music.


  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Cooperation
  • Equality


The Social Organization Sutenidos has, as its main objectives: to strengthen the training of the children, teenagers and young people as people who are positively integrated into society and to promote musical culture in all of its diversity.

Because of this, its programs and projects envision: to feed the potential of the children, teenagers and young people in their aesthetic, affective, cognitive, motor and social dimensions; to guarantee to the children, teenagers and young people enriching socializing experiences; to strengthen the children, teenagers and young people in the self- recognition of their own resources, that may be launched into projects in the future; to offer access to different kinds of experiences and cultures; to value the local cultural expressions; to stimulate the creation and the performing of musical groups.

The Projeto Guri offers assistance to children, teenagers and young people, prioritizing those that are in situations of social and economic vulnerability.

The main program of the Social Organization Sustenidos, Projeto Gur promotes the free of charge teaching of music in more than 280 municipalities of São Paulo. From the moment that they begin to be part of the project, the student receives attention that goes beyond only musical education. The Projeto Guri has specific goals that are related to the social follow-up of the children, teenagers and young people that are attended, observing all of the conditions that affect the life and well-being of each one, which includes education, social assistance, health, housing, culture, leisure, work and others. To make this follow-up possible, Projeto Guri there areas of education and social development act in an integrated way, through actions complementary to musical practice, promoting the integration of the students inside their communities.

Other projects that are developed by Projeto Guri are: Circuit of Show- Classes; Scholarship Program; Exchange of Reference Groups.