image of a student of Guri Reference Group - Choir and Percussion of Sorocaba holding a violin, with the slogan of the program Guri Program: A Reference in Music and Life.


The Counsel of the Administration of the Guri´s Friends Association is made up of people that were elected by the General Assembly and by exponents from various sectors of society, with notable professional capacity.

These people are part of the administration counsel:

Board of Directors


Elca Rubinstein


Abigail Silvestre Torres

Adriana do Nascimento Araújo Mendes

Celia Cristina Monteiro de Barros Whitaker

Daniel Annenberg 

Darrin Coleman Milling

Eleni Lagroteria da Silva

Leandro Mariano Barreto

Marcos Queiroga Barreto

Marisa Fortunato

Audit Board


André Isnard Leonardi

Carlos Henrique Freitas de Oliveira

Paula Raccanello Storto


Advisory Board


Ana Maria Wilheim


Benjamin Taubkin

Berenice Maria Giannella

Célia Rubinstein Eisenbaum

Danielle Fabian Fiabane

Fabiola Formicola

Gabriel Whitaker

Lia Rosenberg

Melanie Farkas