photo of an orchestra view from above

Interchange of Centers

With the goal to feed the Exchange of knowledge and experiences, the Projeto Guri promotes on a yearly basis the Cultural Interchange of Centers, uniting students from most of the cities where the Projeto Guri has Centers of Musical Education.

In the events, the participants perform to the other students from the other education centers a varied repertoire, as an example of the content learned during the classes. The arrangements of the songs were developed by professionals that work at Projeto Guri and the conducting of the songs is done by instructors that act alongside the children.

The executive director of the Sustenidos, Alessandra Costa, observes that the Cultural Interchange of Centers offers the exchange of experiences among the Projeto Guri students, it amplifies the universe of references of those involved and it promotes the integration between them. This gathering not only allows the students to discover the diversity of their own realities, but also reinforces the main characteristic of the program, which is the social and cultural inclusion though the teaching of music”.