art created to publicize the show "Amazonian Legends" with characters from Brazilian folklore

Amazonian Legends

Curupira, Boto, Matinta Pereira, Boi Bumbá, Cobra Grande, Uirapuru. The purpose of this performance organized by the Projeo Guri is to captivate and amaze the audience by reviving ancient Brazilian legends from the country’s North that our grandparents used to tell, but that now, with the passage of time, are all but forgotten.

Targeting children and teenagers, Amazonian Legends, which was created and directed by Aimar de Noronha Santinho, tells the story of a forbidden love between a caboclo (a person of mixed indigenous Brazilian and European descent) and a farmer’s daughter. Throughout the plot, many major characters from Brazilian folklore help the lovesick man to continue pursuing his dream, which takes place against the backdrop of songs by renowned composers Waldemar Henrique and Villa-Lobos.

With never-before-seen choir arrangements, the use of pizzicato, an orchestra that plays all genres from classical to pop and arrangements written by Fernando Correa, the performance is conducted by Maestro André Sanches. Based on the original script written by Santinho, playwright and theatre director Paulo Rogério Lopes develops the story and the narrative, with the characters played by students from the Grupos de Referência in the cities of Jundiaí, Franca and Lorena.