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Guri Education Centers

Location of the Guri Education Centers

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The Projeto Guri is a public policy of the Government of the State of São Paulo, that became a reference in the...

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Be our partner! Make a difference and participate in our organization, that for 25 years offers the free education of music and...

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The history of the Projeto Guri


Supporters and Sponsors

Logo Law of Cultural Incentive, Logo of Gold Sponsor: CCR Autoban, Logo of Gold Sponsor: SKY, Logo of Gold Sponsor: Duke Energy Brasil, Logo of Gold Sponsor: Banco Votorantim, Logo of Gold Sponsor: Microsoft, Logo of Silver Sponsor: Arteris, Logo of Silver Sponsor: Grupo Maring, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: Grupo BB E MAPFRE, Logo of Bronze Sponsor:  Magazine Luiza, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: EMS, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: Tauste Supermercados, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: CCR SP Vias, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: Mercedes-Benz, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: Capitale Energia, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: Pirelli, Logo of Bronze Sponsor: Capuani, Logo of Contributor: Pinheiro Neto Advogados, Logo of Contributor: Catho, Logo of Contributor: Cipatex, Logo of Contributor: PPE Fios Esmaltados, Logo of Supporter: Credit Suisse, Logo of Supporter: Inforshop

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