How can I improve my IQ?

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How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor vactoriaansoun » 01 Abr 2019, 09:55

Keep studying, learning, examining. Learn various language. READ - a lot. Also, there are books & websites: with "brain exercises" & ways to increase mental stimulation, which helps boost IQ.
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Re: How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor cameo » 13 Abr 2019, 06:33

The best way to increase your IQ level high start reading books, news, current affairs, and the history of the world. Beside of this try to solve complex mathematics and informational tangle questions and find out fantastic hacking tips with low price essay writer guidance their suggestion help you to enhance your mental and physical thinking power.
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Mensagempor rickypauls » 15 Abr 2019, 06:01

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Re: How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor kevinjordan » 17 Abr 2019, 08:55

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Re: How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor Devansh579 » 19 Abr 2019, 03:27

You can start by reading different articles on Google.
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Re: How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor zehra123 » 23 Abr 2019, 08:57

You can improve your IQ by learning daily. Learn new things like reading up on science such as mathematics and physics. It increases the understanding about the world and also improves vocabulary, mathematical abilities and logic. Education is a big factor contributing to your IQ.
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Re: How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor lunasmithiam » 26 Abr 2019, 08:52

I will suggest you play an online game and read trending news.
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Re: How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor sofianeo » 14 Mai 2019, 02:10

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Re: How can I improve my IQ?

Mensagempor stefancarl » 20 Mai 2019, 04:25

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