Intermediate Space Magazine

The Magazine Espaço Intermediário (Intermediate Space) is an electronic twice a year publication produced by the AAPG, the social organization of culture of the Projeto Guri, by the Government of the State of São Paulo and by the State Secretariat of Culture. Its objective is an incentive for discussions and the sharing of knowledge, experiences, ideas and the reflection in the area of musical education, social development and the management of social and cultural projects. We hope to disclose the recent publications and research done in this field, and in so doing, contribute to the fostering of a more critical and constructive vision in the elaboration of new perspective for action, innovation and change in these areas.

The target audience of the magazine are the social and musical educators, teachers and other professionals that act in music institutions, of basic education and also of social and cultural education, researchers and students of graduation and post- graduation in  Music, Musical Education, Social Development, Management and Administration ( within the third sector) and other related areas, in Brazil and abroad.